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We’ve just released Peter Stockinger (translator & Editor); Sue Ward (Foreword)
A German Stargazer’s Book of Astrology
(Astronomia Teutsch Astronomei 1545)


It’s doing surprisingly well at £12.99 for pinched crown paperback
– the authors are putting finishing touches to their biography of William Lilly; The Last Magician

A German Stargazer’s Book on Astrology is the first English translation of Astronomia Teutsch Astronomei, published in 1545 in Frankfurt am Main. The original work was one of the earliest astrological textbooks in the vernacular, predating William Lilly’s famous English primer Christian Astrology by over a decade. With this translation, Peter Stockinger offers the English reader an exciting insight into the working methods of a 16th century astrologer living on the cusp of the Late Medieval and Early Modern periods. The book contains a detailed introduction by the translator, providing valuable background information and historical context, and is comprehensively annotated throughout.

The translation contains, amongst many others, the following chapters:

· Of the Twelve Signs their Stars and Effects
· Of Pictures of the Heavenly Bodies (Constellations)
· Of the Fixed Stars and their Qualities
· Of the Seven Planets
· Of Eclipses and Comets (Mundane astrology)
· Of the Four Seasons (Weather astrology)
· Claudius Ptolemy’s Perpetual Calendar

* * *

We have also enlisted the aid of ground breaking new technology to produce our first graphic novel from Tom Bradley (illustrated by David Aronson & Nick Patterson)




The novel concerns the future life of Aleister Crowley who died in 1947 but as many have speculated is born again. We have sometimes been criticised for not taking this too seriously but see what you think:

*Bless me,
curse me.
For better or worse, my fallopian fall into matter. . .*


*After making careful preparations to ensure himself a proper reincarnation,
the dying ALEISTER CROWLEY flubs one syllable of the magickal incantation . . .
and comes back as ELMER FUDD.


Although not published by Mandrake you might enjoy chaos mages Peter Carroll’s latest offering which is very unual. Visit our website if you’d like to order a copy:



Covering 212 pages and a spacious 270mm x 230mm format, this large, superbly produced hardbound book contains extensive text by Peter J Carroll and over 50 large full colour illustrations from Matt Kaybryn. Carroll’s text begins with a historical resume of magical and esoteric thought (where it came from and where it may go) before moving on to present the reader with three complete grimoires.

The first grimoire of Elemental magic deals with modern practical magicaltechniques and the classical and modern interpretations of the traditionalelemental symbolism.

The second grimoire of Planetary magic deals with the Pagan and Neo-Paganmagical archetypes or ‘god-forms’, their contemporary roles in the humancondition, and how the magician can access them for their inspiration and toborrow their abilities.

The third grimoire of Stellar magic deals with the ‘Elder Gods’, those fociof awesome and dangerous extraterrestrial knowledge and power that await us in the vast deep reaches of the cosmos. This grimoire constitutes the latest upgrade to the ever evolving Necronomicon.

Complementing and supporting the grimoires, further chapters deal with the history of symbolism, the creation and/ or the evolution of gods and goddesses, and the physics of parapsychologyand extraterrestrial communication. All in all this book contains enough tokeep any wizard, magician, esotericist or natural philosopher entranced andbusy for quite quite some time to come.

The Portals of Chaos – Altar Icon Deck

Fifty four cards, plus a title card, resuming images of the following Elemental, Planetary and Bi-planetary, and Elder god forms: –

The Elemental forms The ‘Archangels’ of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Aether & Baphomet.

The Planetary and Bi-Planetary forms

Ouranos, Odin, Ma’at, Athena, Lucifer, Apophenia, Thoth, Isis, Saturn, Osiris, Choronzon, BaronSamedhi, Kali, Anubis, Hecate, Jupiter, Thor, JHVH, Juno, Vulcan, Dionysus, Mars, Horus, Eris, Loki, Ishtar-Astarte, Sol, BVG & Child, Bob-Legba, Asherath, Venus, Pandora, Babalon, Mercury, Pareidolia, Luna.

The Elder God forms, an Evocation form and an Invocation form for each

Nyarlathotep, Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath, Hastur, Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth.


The Esotericon

Folio Volume of 216 pages in a 240x270mm format. Illuminated, Illustrated and Printed in luxurious full colour.

The volume is printed on archival quality 150gsm paper and sewn into a matte laminated, rounded, board binding.

The cover print features a reproduction of magically aquired talisman, produced over months of devotional work.
The Portals of Chaos

Deck of 55 Altar Icons (Including title) Large Format, 230mm x 143.7 mm

The Deck is printed on 250gsm Silk Board, Varnish Sealed and Gloss laminated.

The corners have been rounded for longevity.

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Ps: If you’d like to meet in the flesh I will be at various events through the summer:

7th June – Pagan Fed Reading (speaking)
12/13 June – Pendle Witch Camp
19th July – Glastonbury (Thee Handfasting)
26th Preston Pagancon (stall for Josephine Mccarthy who is speaking)
PO Box 250, Oxford, OX1 1AP
+44 1865 243671


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Charlotte Rogers, a new interview destined for the future reprint of “The Bloody Sacrifice”. So amazing, just had to share it now:
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Chaos mage Pete Carroll came along to the launch, in Glastonbury of Nikki Wyrd and Julian Vayne’s “Book of Baphomet; by way of endorsement he made the following presentation on the continuing interest of the Baphomet archetype:
2. Notes on Baphomet / Peter Carroll

Joan Lansberry has just published “Images of Seth” a study of the Egyptian god. This essay is her thoughts on Seth as found in the Gnostic tradition – its origin in Biblical mythology and how he relates to Egyptian Seth.
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